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Hi…… My name is Sravanthi…I did my Bachelors Degree in Marketing from University of Kentucky, USA.  I am the Director (Marketing) at Raj Consultants based in Hyderabad, India.  Raj Consultants is the field of Overseas Education for Over 2 decades and has successfully sent close to 10,000 students to USA and Canada.  During my stint at USA, I have developed extensive network with Various Universities in USA and Canada and attended various Conferences like NAFSA, AIRC and ICEF which keeps me updated on various educational issues in North American Continent.

Since my return to India, I have developed keen interest German Education particularly MS in Germany, which is more complicated than any other Western Education System. I have done Extensive Research on the German Universities, their Programs, admission requirements and Standards for MS in Germany. I have traveled extensively in Germany for firsthand Experience of the Universities and its system. Over a Period of time I have developed extensive network of University Officials and Professors in German Universities.

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Wishing you all the Best in your pursuit for MS in Germany.

 -          Sravanthi Vysetty

Let me state some advantages doing MS in Germany in a nutshell.

  • The German Education is completely subsidized by the Government. It is one of the country which believes free access to education is the fundamental  right of the citizens. These Universities recruit international students for a purposeful cultural mix.  Hence doing MS in Germany is most cost effective in the World.
  • Historically Germany is a Giant when it comes to Technology.
  • Most of the Universities charge a nominal fee varying from  Euros 100 to 500 which includes other costs like Lab fee, Library fee, Registration fee etc. You can say MS in Germany is almost free.
  • When it comes to cost of Living – Most of the Indian students share apartments and cook the meals.  They manage the living with 400 to 500 Euro’s.
  • In last few years Germany started offering lot of of Technical Programs in English. We process the applications for MS in Germany taught in English.
  • Students are allowed to do Part time jobs (Average 20 hours per week) while studying MS in Germany
  • The students also have opportunity to get involved in the Research Projects going on in the University whole doing MS in Germany which will be compensated by good money.
  • Students are encouraged doing Internship while perusing in Germany which will fetch them good Professional remuneration and Invaluable experience. This will help them log way in getting their Regular Jobs after their MS in Germany. In fact most of the students are recruited by the Companies in which they do internship after their MS in Germany.
  • Germany is projecting huge shortfall in Technical Man power and they require close 2 lakh Engineers to keep its Manufacturing economy going on. This is really a boon for students who study MS in Germany.
  • On Completion of their MS in Germany, you are allowed stay back in to look for a Professional Jobs and can convert their status to work permit.
  • German passed Bill for Blue Card for Permanent Residency in line with EU Blue card Policy
  • German Visa Process is fair and it is sufficient to show 5-6 lakhs of Financial Resources for MS in Germany.

MS in Germany VS.  USA and Other Countries.

MS in Germany has become a very Popular with International students in recent times not only because of Advantages in the German Education System, but also Traditional Destinations like USA, UK and Australia become less attractive. Let us see what happened each country which turned them slow.


  • Global recession, particularly what looks like possible depression in USA really hit Indian aspirant, which otherwise was a Paradise in the Last decade, this have a major push to MS in Germany
  • Because of its Political Compulsions US has tightened its H1 Polices.
  • Funding has dried in quite few Universities and State Universities are forced to increase their Tuition fee, while MS in Germany has a very nominal tuition gee
  • Recent Incident like Tri Valley and University of Northern Virginia has pushed the average Indian student to a Tight Corner.
  • US students Visa’s are becoming Unpredictable.

UK :

  • UK is small economy cannot absorb the might and aspiration of Asian student Population.
  • Unlike USA, there is not much funding in UK Universities, while MS in Germany students pay almost nil tuition fees.
  • Part time Jobs have completely dried up.
  • With lack of Opportunity many students are forced to come back after the completion of the studies. After MS in Germany students are one year Visa to stay back in the country to look for Jobs
  • Unfair Immigration practices of UK – Some time brings bills with retrospective effect to the disadvantage of Aspiring International students.
  • Quite many loop holes in Tier 4 Visa policies were exploited by some low profile colleges and hence their entire Visa System, when it comes proving funds had become cumbersome and burden to the aspirants.

Australia :

  • The Entire Australian University System was built to make money on the International students and for them it is Out and Out Business, while MS in Germany is state funded.
  • They have put huge marketing budgets in Countries like India which has increased to student Population too steeply which forced automatic fall. This was the cause of Melbourne students rasher than racist issues.
  • This entire Phenomenon has brought plenty of non genuine colleges to come into picture, which were used basically for Visas and nothing more. Most of the Universities are being state Universities, MS in Germany is safe in these issues.
  • The most serious was huge hit on the sentiment of Indian Students. Parents became quite apprehensive about the safety of the students.

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